Social Research

Social and Academic Research (surveys)

Community studies

We help in conducting Community studies that are typically carried out by researchers in a particular settlement in order to investigate local social networks in the residential area, normally through qualitative methods that treat residents as comprising a cohesive social unit

Association and causation studies

Association is a connection between two social phenomena, demonstrated by one tending to vary according to variations in the other, whereas causality is a special case of association, when changes in one systematically result in direct changes in the other.

Opinion polls

We use marketing research technique to canvass public opinion to measure the public’s views regarding a particular topic or series of topics. Frequently used in forecasting election results, opinion pollsters take survey of the views of randomly chosen samples of the population and draw statistical results

Action research

We help social researchers in identifying a social problem, and primarily design empirical test of a possible solution, which contains an innovation to produce the change in policy or procedure, monitored by social research methods

Case studies

We facilitate the use of a very detailed research inquiry into a single phenomenon (case) example (of a social process, organization or collectivity) seen as a social unit in its own right and as a holistic entity.

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